Take the guesswork out of quilting!
Make beautiful quilts easily with Jenny's "one-touch" block and fabric libraries. Choose from over 4000 blocks and fabrics or simply design your own!

Includes 100 beautiful ready-to-sew quilts!

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Jenny Haskins is known the world over for her beautiful embroidery and extraordinary quilts. It is a quilters dream to make something as extravagant as Jenny’s creations.

And now those dreams can come true…with Perfect Quilt, Jenny’s new suite of quilting software and print-sew modules. This easy to use quilting software will guide consumers step-by-step in creating their masterpiece adding...a touch of MAGIC with every stitch!

These exciting new products are guaranteed to add “a touch of magic” to your profits as well!

Dealer Benefits:

  • Enforced mapped pricing, superior educational support and the absolute highest quality products
  • Consigned Inventory—Zero Inventory Investment
    Jenny Haskins software dealers receive thousands of dollars of software inventory for their store at ZERO cost! No upfront inventory costs...period!
    You pay only after your customer registers their purchase
  • Beautiful Jenny Haskins story board display makes the perfect presentation of product for your store 1
  • Free online Help Desk and Jenny Haskins online community forum makes support of the product worry free
  • FREE Fabulous Fabrics “virtual fabric library” software for your customers includes fully functional demos of all of Jenny’s fabulous quilting program

This extensive library of “virtual fabric swatches” could easily sell by the thousands at $29.99, yet you can give it away for free! 2 This easy-to-use program allows your customers to preview 2000 of the latest fabrics from 14 of the world’s greatest fabric designers, sort them into their own personal fabric collections AND sample all of Jenny’s Perfect Quilt products.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take advantage of the multi-thousand dollar advertising campaign that RNK is launching to sell your customers on this new and exciting Jenny Haskins product!

1 Ask how to qualify for POP display free! ($400 value)
2 Free replenishment quantity based on sales

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