Pieced Borders
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Pieced Borders

To Add a Pieced Border to a Quilt

1. Create a quilt with the Quilt Wizard and add plain borders. A quilt must have plain borders before you can add a pieced border.

1. Click on the Pieced Border Library button in the Tool Bar.

1. Click on a border from the border library.

1. Click on the border in the quilt where you want to place the pieced border.

1. Perfect Quilt will open the fit border Box. You will choose a border fitting here. (see below)

1. Click the OK Button. Perfect Quilt will place the pieced border into the quilt.

1. To replace the pieced border design, repeat steps 2 through 6. You can change pieced borders as often as you like.

TIP: To adjust the width of the pieced border, you must re-open the Quilt Layout box and adjust the border width.

TIP: You cannot replace the pieced border with a plain border once you have added the pieced border to the quilt. To replace a pieced border with a plain border, open the Quilt Layout box and delete the pieced border and replace it with a plain border.

Adjusting Pieced Borders

Perfect Quilt uses border fittings to set how many times a border design repeats around a quilt. The border fittings stretch or squeeze the pieced border design to ensure a perfect fit. Perfect Quilt has two border fittings.

One per Block: The pieced border design will repeat once per block. Select this option if your block matches the border design. For example, your block is 4 inches square and the pieced border design is 4 inches long. Most of the pieced borders in the library are designed for the one-per-block setting.

Specific Count: With this option, you select exactly how many times the pieced border design will repeat around the quilt. (Perfect Quilt does not count corners.) For example, if your block is 8 inches long and your border repeat is four inches long, you can tell Perfect Quilt to repeat the border design eight times along the length of the quilt. (Two times per block).

When you add a pieced border, Perfect Quilt will open the Border Fittings box so that you can adjust the border fitting before you place the border into the quilt.

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